Indulge in joyful decadence with the ST‑GERMAIN X SERENA CONFALONIERI APÉRO BOWL.

Crafted in collaboration with the esteemed designer, this exquisite bowl captures the essence of Saint-Germain-Des-Prés. Meticulously handcrafted, it combines artistry and functionality to create a truly unique piece for your home.

ST‑GERMAIN X SERENA CONFALONIERI APÉRO BOWL at a height of 13cm and has a width of 10cm, making it the perfect size for serving your favorite aperitivo delicacies. Its compact dimensions ensure easy handling and storage.

The kit also contains 4 of our fan favorite St-Germain Spritz glasses and elderflower stir rods, the St-Germain carafe to easily make 4-5 servings of the St-Germain Spritz, and How To Drink French Fluently – a cocktail book that contains all of the St-Germain cocktails you need!